Are the signs easy to transport? Yes they are transportable although we take special care considering that neon tubes are made of glass.
How big are the signs? The signs vary in size, but are generally about 37 inches wide by about 24 inches high. They are almost always designed to be shipped with UPS/USPS/FedEx/DHL ground overall size limits in mind.
What is your delivery time? Our delivery time is usually within 20 working days.
How many signs are in stock? Neonsigninc.com dealer network at any one time have hundreds of signs in stock. However, not all of the brands and models of signs are available at the same time.
Since how long has your company been selling neon online? The company has been selling neon online for about 10 years.
What Is The Difference Between Backing Material? Please click here to see the difference between Metal Frame, Black Backing and Clear Backing.
Do you have more signs than are pictured on the web site? Yes. There are many more signs available and in existence than shown on the web site. Breweries come out with new models regularly, and there are signs from smaller breweries available. We add pictures regularly.
Are the signs used or new? Most of the signs are used, but some are new. A dealer will specify upon an inquiry.
Are the prices displayed on the website expected to change? Depending on the availability of any particular sign the prices can be expected to change.
Can you send me a printed price list of all of the beer signs available for purchase? We could, only if the list would not become obsolete the very next day, but unfortunately, if there were such a list it would go out of date every other day (because of the sign turnover). The prices change constantly on the dealer network.
Do dealers ever ship signs outside of the USA? Yes, with an added fee of only $35.
Is there a return policy? No, we do not have return policy.
I saw a neon sign displayed on one of your category pages that I wish to purchase, I want to know if I should expect the sign to be exactly similar-looking to the sign displayed? All the signs are hand-bent and so you can expect slight differences that mostly go unnoticed. It can include minor differences in fonts, size and colour of the sign.